CCG Consignment

We offer a simple and straight forward way to sell your collection through our consignment Progam.

CCG Types: We currently only offer consignment for Magic the gathering. Pokemon and Yugioh coming soon.


Sets: Only Legacy Sets are available for consignment















  • We've been in business for over 20 years and have a solid reputation in the gaming community

  • We handle the entire transaction. Sit back and relax, we do all the work

  • Your collection is fully insured during the consignment process 

How does it work:

  1. Ensure all your sets are complete BEFORE shipping

  2. Ensure you ship via fedex or UPS

  3. Submit your the sets. You will receive a confirmation within 7 days

  4. Mail it to us within 7 days of receiving the confirmation number

  5. Get paid within 30 days of sale completion (to ensure buyer is happy no claims are filed)

  6. A flat 15% fee and you only pay if your item is sold


That's it, simple and straightforward.


You are responsible for shipping both ways (should your collection doesnt sell we will ship it back). We strongly suggest you purchase insurance on any transaction over $500. We only use FedEx when shipping collections back. We charge exactly what FedEx charges, there is no added fees. You may also use your own FedEx account.

Restrictions and Terms

  • Only Legacy sets 

  • No foreign cards

  • Card must be in NM,LP or MP condition

  • Total value of your collection must be at least $500

  • Inspection/Approval of the collection is required  (usually within 24 hours of receipt)

  • 30 day posting minimum

  • If your collection is not sold in 30 days you will receive an email asking if you wish to renew

  • Submit your list BEFORE shipping to receive your confirmation number 

  • Confirmation will include the recommended price for your collection

  • If you choose to sell above market price you will incur a $25 per set or card over $150

  • Damaged or stain cards will be rejected

  • You can request for your collection back at any time. If its prior to the 30 day contract a $150 fee will apply

  • Once your collection is accepted, it will be kept secure and insured for upto the agreed valued

  • Once the collection is posted for sale the price cannot be raised. You can request the price to be lowered to improve the chance of selling it

  • may offer to buy your collection at any time at an agreed price



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