CCG Buy back program

We offer a simple and straight forward way to sell your collection for quick cash and buy it back up after a certain period of time for the same price* If you rather sell it without a buy-back option click here 

CCG Types: We currently only have Magic the gathering. Pokemon and Yugioh coming soon.


Sets: Only Legacy Sets are available for the buy back program















  • Paypal, check or bank transfer within 24 hrs

  • Buy it back at same price, no questions asked

  • Bottom line, Get cash and buy it back at the same price 

How does it work:

  1. Go to Starcitygames to see how much your collection is worth (singles or sealed boxes)

  2. Create a list of any card listed at $10 or more

  3. Submit your list to get your Confirmation number and a copy of the back buy back agreement

  4. Mail it to us within 7 days of receiving the confirmation number

  5. Get paid a 50% of the buylist price via Paypal, Check or Bank Transfer with 24hr of approval 

  6. Paypal us the original purchase price back within 60 days (plus 18% administrative cost) 

  7. We will mail your collection via Fedex within 48 hours after payment clears


That's it, simple and straightforward.


You can buy your collection anytime you want within the 60 days. Example: if we buy your collection for $500, you can buy it back under 60 days for $500 plus an admin fee of 18% ($90.00)  for a total cost of $590.00.  


You are responsible for shipping both ways. We strongly suggest you purchase insurance on any transaction over $500. We only use FedEx when shipping collections back. We charge exactly what FedEx charges, there is no added fees. You may also use your own FedEx account.

Restrictions and Terms

  •  Individual cards needs to be priced at least $10 or more in the buylist


  • No foreign cards

  • Condition is subject to inspection

  • Total value of value of your collection must be at least $500

  • Purchases over $5,000 may require Picture ID

  • Inspection/Approval of the collection is required  (usually within 24 hours of receipt)

  • 60 day Buy-back option will commence from the day we process payment

  • After 60 days your option to buy it back will expire

  • Submit your list BEFORE shipping to receive your confirmation number

  • In person transaction are by appointment only

If you rather sell it without the buy-back option and get the most for your collection click here


*Admin fees of 18% of purchase price.

Void were prohibited by law

We may refuse buy-back program to certain countries


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